sharath-jois-workshop-online 2020

Sharath Jois

Paramaguru R. Sharath Jois will be giving a class to all students of ashtangayoga in Europe online through Zoom the last Saturday this month.

Paramaguru R. Sharath Jois online led primary class and conference
on ZOOM May 30th at 11.30am CET / 3 pm IST

Fee 170 SEK/16 EURO

Namaste, hello, ciao, hola, hej, hejsan!

We are so happy to announce that Paramaguru R. Sharath Jois will be giving a class to all students of ashtangayoga in Europe online through Zoom the last Saturday this month.

You are all welcome and can follow his guidance of asana through the primary series. Afterwards we will have a conference where Sharathji will give us input on how the practice of yoga helps to give rhythm and balance in daily life especially when our normal routines are upside down.

How to book:

  1.  You book your spot at the bottom of the page. Click tat he sign up button.
  1. Your confirmation will be sent by email upon your enrollment including the link to join the event after your payment has been processed.
  2. A few hours before the start of the event you will receive an email with a password to enter. This password is only for you to use, it is not transferrable nor sharable. Please respect the event and allow your fellow practitioners by not sharing and thereby blocking others entrance.

There are limited spots.


Please CHECK YOUR TIME ZONE BEFORE YOU MAKE A PURCHASE. There will be no refunds for wrong time calculations, oversleeping and missing the event or for any reason.

All successful bookings will have their screens online for Sharathji to see, make sure your full mat is visible. We advise the best camera position to be around 1.5m from the right corner of the mat in horizontal mode. All participants will be muted. Access will be granted 30 mins before the event to give you time to check your camera set up.

The Full Led Primary and conference are for existing Astangayoga Practitioners. Students are required to know the sequence by memory to be able to follow Sharathji’s count as there will be no breaks during the class. The class and the conference will be held in English.

A short guideline:

Stand up for Sharathji’s recitation of mantra both at the beginning and the end.
He will do call and response where he says a line and we repeat it.

Follow Sharathji’s count and instructions to be in rhythm with the class.

Wait in catvari for his next count. Don’t rush

Navasana: point your toes and keep your legs straight. Don’t hold your legs.

Garbha pindasasana: place your right hand first in between your bended legs.

You are welcome to try the poses the best way you can but If you cannot do a pose either just sit on your mat and wait and then join again later or just watch the class and join again for back bends (Urdhva dhanurasana) and the final sequence.

Program with approximate timings:

11.00 am: Entrance to Zoom opens.

11.25 am:  A short welcoming by the hosts.

11.30 am: Opening Mantra with Sharathji.

11.35 am: Led Primary class.

1.15 pm: Conference.

2.15/2.30 pm:  Everybody can unmute themselves and say Thank you and bye-bye.

We are honoured to have our teacher leading this event to provide his valuable teachings to the Astangayoga communities in Europe at a time when a lot of the shalas are closed and the teachers not available for daily classes.

This event is joint hosted by:

Lisa & Lotta from Yogashala Stockholm:

Jose & Rafa from Mysore House Madrid:

Susanna from Roma and Jens from Copenhagen, Astanga Yoga of Copenhagen:

For information in Spanish: email José & Rafa or

Instagram: mysorehousemadrid

For information in Italian: email Susanna or see