Peter Sanson, Workshop

Peters workshop includes eight mysore classes and two talks, Saturday week 1 and Thursday week 2. He instructs each student one-to-one with lightness and sensitivity. Students attending workshops and classes receive a lot of hands on help and guidance during the classes. In the talks Peter tells about his view of ashtangayoga and his own experiences after so many years with this practice. There will also be time for questions.

Since meeting his Guru Shri K. Pattabhi Jois in 1989, Peter Sanson has traveled to Mysore, India every year to continue his studies.

Over a 21 year period of study, Peter lived in Mysore three to twelve months of each year; Immersing himself in the rich tradition of this ancient practice, guided by Guruji’s masterful hand. During this period he undertook Sanskrit studies with senior teacher Professor Sri Narayanacharya. Peter also received instruction from Guruji on the accompanying Pranayama for advanced asana practice.

Peter is one of only a few senior teachers worldwide who have been certified by Guruji to teach 4th series (advanced B series). Central to Peter’s approach is that he views each student as unique and approaches the teaching of Ashtanga as a form of physical therapy. Peter strictly observes that students learn the traditional sequences of asana –  without skipping postures or modifications.

Read more about Peter on his web site.

Terms and conditions

Registration is binding and there are no refunds.
 If something happens so you can’t make it to the workshop, you can try to sell your spot thru one of the ashtangayoga forums on social media. Please do contact us if you find someone to take your spot and send us the contact information to the new participant.

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